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Tuscan Tan utilises the latest spray technology combined with tanning solution made from the finest ingredients to deliver the most authentic looking spray on tan. It adapts to any skin type, dries instantly, won’t streak, is able to be rinsed in 90 minutes, and lasts up to ten days before gradually and evenly fading.

Tuscan Tan also offers a full range of take home skin care products formulated specially for Tuscan Tan spray on tan to correctly prepare your skin prior to the tanning application, and to maintain your tan afterwards. Heavenly scented with a blend of coconut, caramel and vanilla, these divine products consist of an Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, a pH Balanced Skin Wash and a Tinted Tan Extender Lotion.

Tuscan Tan have also released a range of at-home tanning products including Wash Off Bronzing Mousse, 2-in-1 Gradual Tanning Mousse and Full Self Tanning Mousse as well as specialised  application and removal mitts for all of your tanning needs.

    Tuscan Tan Original 8hr Spray-on Tan                  $55

    Tuscan Tan Rapid Amino 90min Spray-on Tan     $65





Prices accurate as at July 2013, subject to change without notice.


It’s back! Glowing, natural tan, without the sun