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At Deborah's Nails, our professional and qualified staff offer the total nail care package. Whether you're after a basic manicure, deluxe pedicure, acrylic nails, long wear polish or Shellac you can find them all on offer at Deborah's.

All our staff at Deborah's are very friendly and have professional experience. It is these assets, combined with our advanced techniques and professionalism, which ensure that our clientele are genuinely happy and always return for more services.

After bad experiences at other salons, our clients tell us that we provide the best service and the best looking, most durable nails in Brisbane, around Australia and the world.

Acrylic Nails

  1. We use only the best products such as 'Creative Nail Design', when creating our beautiful Natural or French Acrylics. Using the top products assists our technicians to create a strong, durable and most importantly, beautiful, natural looking acrylic nails. Miraseal takes nails to the next level by giving a high gloss and seal that lasts and provides extra strength to help prevent lifting. All with no drills and no toxins.

  1. Full Set Acrylic Nails - Natural or French Tip     $110

NEW! Brisa Lite Gels by CND

     Want extra length and shape, but not the commitment of acrylic nails? New Brisa Lite gel by CND

     combines the strength of sculpting gel with the easy soak-off of Shellac! No buffing of the natural

     nail during preparation or removal, the healthiest extension available. Available in natural or  

     French tip, it’s perfect for that special occasion!

     Full Set Brisa Lite Removable Gel     $120

Natural Nails

  1. Our manicures and pedicures deliver beautiful, natural nails and gorgeous fingers, whilst following Health Department regulations for your heath and safety. We offer a wide range of services from Basic Manicures through to French Manicures and Basic Pedicures to the Deluxe French Pedicure with massage and exfoliating masque.

  1. For healthy natural nails we stock a range of home-care products to provide the nutrition and hydration you need for strong, durable nails.

  1. NEW! Next generation Vinylux polish by CND

  2. Want faster drying, longer lasting polish? CND have created the next generation of polish, providing shorter dry time and increased durability through light-activated polymer technology - it gets stronger the longer you wear it! With a great range of shades including matches to your favourite Shellac colours, enjoy an easy matched pedi for weeks of mani-pedi bliss, or a straight-back-to-work mani at lunch before an evening out.

  3. Original Shellac by CND

  4. The next biggest thing in nail enhancements is CND Shellac, with a great range of colours and 14 day wear without the long term commitment of acrylic. Not damaging to the natural nail and instantly dry, Shellac gives you the perfect, no fuss manicure for weeks!

   NEW! Shellac now has the perfect power partner in Brisa Lite. Just as easy to remove, Brisa Lite

     gives extra support to the nail and extends the wear of your favourite Shellac colour. For those

     nails in need of an extra pick-me-up, try Brisa Lite, only $45 with your Shellac treatment.


  1. Polish: Application of chosen polish to nails with no pre-treatment.

  2. Manicure: A treatment for the natural nail - Nail shape, gently push cuticles (we do not

  3.     cut!),gentle buff, exfoliation, prepare and polish application. (Shellac mani does not include

  4.     exfoliation to improve adhesion)

  5. Express Pedicure: Shorten and shape nails, gently push cuticles (we do not cut!), prepare and

  6.     polish application.

  7. Pedicure: Shorten and shape nails, gently push cuticles (we do not cut!), buff of soles,

  8.     exfoliation, prepare and polish application.

  9. French: Traditional French polish (white tips) is entirely hand painted, requiring expert skill and

  10.     precision as well as an extra layer of polish for a perfect finish.



  1.                                         Polish       Manicure    Express Pedi    Pedicure     French

  2. Polish

  3.     ~ 1hr dry time                35               55                   55                  75            +20

  4.     ~ 3 day wear

  5. Vinylux Polish

  6.     10min dry time               45               65                   75                  85            +20

  7.     ~7 day wear

  8. Shellac Power Polish

  9.     Instant dry                        -                85                   95                 125          +30

  10.     14+ day wear

     Just Gel Polish                  

         Instant Dry                     55               75                   75                   95              -


Please call us for a quote for removals or for any other services you may require.

Prices accurate as at May 2013, subject to change without notice.


Safe, Healthy, Beautiful Nails!