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Does your piercer have a High Risk Personal Appearance Service Licence, an Infection Control Certificate and an Autoclave? You may tick yes to all 3 boxes if you come to any of our piercers at Deborah's. Our studio is a licensed Skin Penetration Premises, with an up to date, serviced autoclave and all our piercers have the HLTIN402B (or higher) Maintain Infection Control Qualification. With the use of sterile field dressing packs, hospital grade disinfectants, detergents and soaps along with excellent hygiene practices you can rest assured that your piercing is being done cleanly and safely by an industry professional. All our Tools and Jewellery have been autoclaved and stored in strong durable containers so as to not compromise the integrity of the autoclave packaging and are not opened until you are present in the room for your own peace of mind.                                    


  1. Please choose carefully as due to health regulations we cannot exchange or refund jewellery.

  2. At Deborah's, our preferred metal to pierce with is Medical Grade Titanium. This is because of its superior quality and biocompatibility when compared to other metals. We will only use Titanium with any body piercing of a child under 18.

Ear piercing

  1. We perform children’s ear piercing using a silent titanium cartridge system, the ultimate in hygienic, accurate and trouble-free ear piercing.

  1. Titanium ear piercing cartridge from $55

  2. Titanium ear piercing cartridge for babies aged 3-12 months from $75

  3. Steel ear piercing gun (over 12 only) from $52 including aftercare

Body Piercing

  1. Prices include basic surgical steel. Titanium, coloured titanium, zircon gold as well as jewelled fittings are available at an additional charge.              


Earlobe $75

Ear Cartilage $75 - includes helix, tragus, rook, conch, daith

Facial $75 - includes nose, lip, labret, madonna, medusa, eyebrow

Navel $85 - with jewelled bar

Tongue, Septum $85

Industrial $100

Surface $110 - PTFE only

Nipple $100 - 18+ only, ID required

Jewellery Change from $15

Prices accurate as at May 2013, subject to change without notice.

Safe, clean and precise